Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Kayla Chronicles

A change in scenery for you all! Or genre at least. This is a nice quick read, and it's a girl book (just so you know). I mean, if you're a guy who likes dance teams, best friend fights, and feminism, then go right ahead. (Excuse me while I give you a weird look). Kidding, I'm cool with it. I'm pretty used to weird, hanging around my friends. Okay, I'm semi-rambling. I'm pretty sure I do that on a weekly basis, but if you've stuck with me this long you must be used to it. Anyway, here's The Kayla Chronicles by Sherri Winston.
Kayla is a budding journalist and feminist in high school. She's African American, with a mop of frizzy hair and a flat chest. She has a best friend named Rosalie who is even more relentless about feminism than she is, a well-meaning but clueless mother, a sexist dad, and a sister who's the opposite of a feminist. Under Rosalie's insistence, she tries out for the Lady Lions Dance Team. The Lady Lions are very prestigious, and all the girls on the team are, let's say, blessed in the chest area. Rosalie's idea is to have Kayla try out, and since Kayla's a good dancer, the only reason they'll turn her down is because of her proportions. The whole game changes when Kayla actually makes the team. Suddenly Rosalie starts acting different, and Kayla begins to doubt her cause and herself. Will Kayla make it through the ordeal with her conviction, and her best friend, intact?
Sooo... yeah. It's a good book, and as I said earlier, a short read. Age range might be upper middle school to lower high school. I'm not going to completely rave, 'cause I think it was a bit young for me, but it's definitely recommendable. You can get it at Kettleson. 
P.S. Good news! I reviewed Divergent a while back, and Kettleson now has it! So, you have absolutely no excuse for not reading it now. It's on the display-cabinet-thingy that you see right after you walk in. *Sends more convincing telepathic messages*

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