Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Michael Vey

Wow, things are picking up! I had a few classes that are doing exactly nothing right now, so I get some quality time to read. Okay, this was a fair book. Maybe it's just not my style, or maybe it was the writing, but I didn't  quite love it. I think it's better suited for more middle-school audiences. The concept wasn't bad, though; it just wasn't to my interest. There are probably many other people who would really like it. Kay, I'll let you decide for yourself: here's Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans.
Michael is one of those kids who's just a bully magnet. He's short, not very popular, and has a syndrome called Tourette's that makes him blink a lot when he gets nervous. For his whole life he's been moved from school to school and picked on, and he hates it because he knows he could stop the bullying. See, Michael is different; he, for some reason, has electricity in his body. He can surge (shock people) at will-- and I mean serious, major shocks. Not static electricity stuff. So, he could get the bullies to stop but he can't for fear of exposing his power.
Finally, he snaps. Not caring that there are consequences, and not caring that a cheerleader was watching, too, he surges to get a group off of him. The bullies are scared off, and the cheerleader--Taylor-- gets immensely interested. Turns out she has electrical powers, too; she can "reboot" someone's mind and cause confusion. They get together to try and find out more about their powers, and learn that there are more of them out there being hunted down by a corporation. Things come to a head when Taylor gets taken by the corporation. Michael sets off to find her, bringing along his braniac of a best friend and, surprisingly, two former bullies whose help he needs. Will they be able to rescue Taylor? More importantly, what will it cost them?
Mhmm. So, if it looked interesting to you, great! There were some excellent visuals and scenarios, and some good dialogue. It's not such a bad book, I guess it just didn't appeal to me. Yeah, don't let my opinion stop you from reading it-- you never know what could appeal to you. So, with that shpiel out of the way: it's at Kettleson if you want to try it out.

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