Thursday, August 2, 2012

Whoooo! More Contests and Events!

'Kay, I got two new events to tell you about, which I thought warranted a post. The first one:
It's an online contest for Teen Read Week. Basically, here's what you do: read any book and create a piece of art inspired or based on the story. There are no boundaries: it can be photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, manga, anything. The submission date is September 30th; to read the full details, click here. I think it's totally worth doing--and this is coming from the girl who has barely any artistic talent. If I can do it, so can you. If you are one of those people who's amazingly artistic, then I'm jealous and you have absolutely no reason not to enter. Plus, there's like, prizes and stuff. Who doesn't love prizes?

Now, the next thing is that the library's looking for volunteers to help out at the library on Friday, August 24th from 7 to 8 PM. There's a kid's event going on where they leave their stuffed animals overnight for a "sleepover." When the kids leave, the teens *pointed stare* will help the animals come alive by posing them and taking pictures of them doing activities after-hours. The kids pick up their animals and pictures the next day. 
So, c'mon. If you have a free hour that day, come and help. There's gonna be pizzzaaa! *fans yummy pizza smell toward you*. Cue Smokey Bear impression: Only YOU... can help out at your local library.
Oh, and all this is in the sidebar, too, so if you feel the need to read about it again or something you can look there. Okay. Now that you've endured my immense weirdness, scroll down to this week's review!

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