Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dancing in Red Shoes Will Kill You by Dorian Cirrone

"Kayla Callaway has been studying ballet since she learned to walk, and her heart is set on a future in the dance world. She's sure she'll get a solo part in Cinderella, the spring ballet at her high school. But when the parts are finally posted, Kayla is shocked that she's only landed a role as a stepsister -- and an ugly one, at that The brutal truth: Ballet and big boobs don't mix. Suddenly Kayla's dream for the future has become a real-life fractured fairy tale.

To make matters worse, bloodred pointe shoes with threatening messages start popping up all over school. When Kayla learns that she'll be wearing red pointe shoes in the ballet, she wonders if the messages are meant for her. But who are they from? And more important -- what do they mean?"

Meh. I'll admit I picked up this book just 'cause I'm a dancer, and in that regard, it didn't totally disappoint. I could tell that the author knew her stuff about the ballet world, but as for the actual story, I was very underwhelmed. I didn't hate it, I just wasn't super impressed. The characters didn't seem to develop any, and they weren't especially three-dimensional in the first place. The "red shoe" plot, which was one of the reasons I picked it up (hey, I like a good maybe-murder-mystery as much as the next person), didn't really go anywhere and wasn't really the main focus of the book. Again, I say, meh. The main focus turned out to be the, ahem, boob issue. It seemed like the whole story was pretty much leading to the Moral at the end. But, and I'll try to say this without giving anything away, the ending Moral wasn't even entirely satisfying to me. It was almost a little controversial, and I'm not entirely sure whether I like the way it went. I dunno. It was a fine book, if you don't look at it too hard. There was some humor in it, and it's a high school maturity level. I would say, if you're a dancer, at least give it a try. It's at the library...but apparently it's missing. Okay. Since I got my copy from the White E, it'll probably be back there soon if you want to look for it.

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