Saturday, April 26, 2014

Night by Elie Wiesel

"A terrifying account of the Nazi death camp horror that turns a young Jewish boy into an agonized witness to the death of his family...the death of his innocence...and the death of his God. Penetrating and powerful, as personal as The Diary Of Anne FrankNight awakens the shocking memory of evil at its absolute and carries with it the unforgettable message that this horror must never be allowed to happen again."

Yeah. This book was incredibly powerful. The prose was incredible at times, but I think mostly the power came from the intensely personal standpoint it was written from. It affected you a lot because of the absolute truthfulness Eli used; he detailed every bit of his experiences. He showed the cruel soldiers along with the prisoners that slowly lost their humanity, and the terrified Jewish heads of the bunkers trying to give the prisoners under their care the best chance of survival possible. There were things in there that were absolutely horrifying, and showing the actions of the plain German civilians as well as the Nazis was kind of sickening. I can't even... this book was as phenomenal as it was awful. I really recommend reading it; it's short, but has a huge effect. There's copies at Blatchley, Mt. Edgecumbe, Kettleson, and Sitka High.

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