Sunday, December 4, 2011


Okay, wow. This week has been so hectic, I can't begin to tell you. I doubt I've had a minute of downtime between school, Nutcracker, and sleeping, and I was definitely light on the sleep part. So, don't expect everything I write tonight to make complete sense! I'm kind of in a daze of exhaustion/relief/astonishment now that the Nutcracker is totally over. Don't worry, the reason that you're reading this is because I was able to read a quick book backstage, in between rounding up fifth graders to put costumes on them because I was apparently the designated "responsible one," (I dunno who made that decision, they must not know me very well). Okay, sorry, I'm rambling. Anyway, the review is for Abandon by Meg Cabot. Drumroll...
Pierce Oliviera is an NDE, someone who's had a near death experience. In her case, she was "dead" for over an hour and in that time, she managed to do a lot. Finding herself right after her death on the shore of a lake, waiting in line for some kind of boat was just the first of weird things to happen to her. She soon met a strangely familiar man named John who knew her from her past, and seemed to want her to stay there with him forever. So what did she do? She threw a cup of hot tea (which had been offered by him) in his face and ran, and somehow found herself fully alive, staring at all the doctors around her hospital bed. Since then, she's been different. For some reason, she's become somewhat of a "problem child" and seems to attract accidents and misfortune. Another factor not really helping the situation is that John is now popping up in real life, and seems to cause more problems than he tries to fix. Her last shot at anything normal is moving to Isla Huesos, a Caribbean-type island, to be with her divorced mom. Her attempt at normalcy fails miserably because John refuses to stop bugging her and other scary things start to happen. She died once, now does Death want her back?
Okay, in my adrenaline-crashed state this probably isn't a brilliant review, but I'll do better next week. I think this book was a little outside my normal interest range, or maybe I just am kind of weird this week, but I didn't hugely love this book. I usually really like Meg Cabot books, but this one kind of jumps around a lot. I think it's just my taste in books; some of you readers out there might really like it. So, don't knock it till you've tried it, and pick it up at Kettleson.

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