Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hi, everyone. I'm just about comatose right now. I really tried to read a book (which isn't the one in the picture) this week, but I couldn't get through it (sometimes I have a not-so-good taste in books. Seriously, the one I chose was really weird and depressing and historical-fiction-y. Weird combination). Add that to the fact that my teachers don't seem to be getting into the holiday spirit and decided that four projects would be good for us, and hey presto! I haven't been doing anything lately but working. So, I hope you accept these video reviews and this imaginary box of chocolates (think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- the candy is still traveling through the airwaves) as an apology. *Ducks as readers start throwing shoes and tomatoes at her* Seriously, please don't. Anyway, I have actually read this particular book, but it was about a year ago and I can't remember the intricacies of the plot enough to give a full review. I do remember that it was a really good book, though, so you should definitely try it out: Matched by Allie Condie. Here are the links to user-made trailers:
There is a sequel out now that I have yet to read, too. It's called Crossed. Also, to make up for this week, I will post two reviews next week if I can. So, get Matched at Kettleson and Edgecumbe (though the library website says that the copy at Edgecumbe is missing, so I guess just Kettleson). So, go get Matched at Kettleson, and I hope you're having a quieter week than me!

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