Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hola! Glad you're taking some time to check up on my humble blog in your post-Valentine chocolate haze. It's a dangerous affliction, people. I have a minor case myself. This week's book doesn't have anything at all to do with Valentine's Day, so if you're particularly interested in that you'll be disappointed. It is really good in a different way, though. I picked it up because I'm a sucker for anything by Meg Cabot, and wasn't disappointed. Sooo, before I get sidetracked: here's Airhead by Meg Cabot!
Tomboy Emerson Watts, who goes by Em, is a cynic. Along with her best friend Christopher, she's spent her whole life knowing that Hollywood is corrupt and has unrealistic standards of beauty. She goes out of her way to avoid and not support big businesses. That's kind of hard sometimes when her sister epitomizes everything that she's trying to work against: obsessed with pop culture and celebrities and makeup, etc. That's how Em comes to be dragged into going to see Nikki Howard at a local megastore; Nikki Howard is your typical blonde, beautiful supermodel sensation. At this event, everything changes when a jumbotron falls on Em (later, she learns that Nikki Howard mysteriously collapsed at that same event). When she wakes up, she's in for a shock. Somehow, Em Watts has become Nikki Howard. She still has her mind, but gets a newfound distaste for junk food and anything sugary, and of course has the body of a supermodel. After freaking out -and not in the happy way- about this, Em learns that her old self was reported to have died and only her family know the truth. What's more, Stark (the gigantic company that employed Nikki) wants her to go about her life as if nothing happened. And by that, they mean Nikki's life. Add that to the fact that Em's sister is looking at her like she's already planning the parties Em will host, and you get (in Em's eyes) a disaster of epic proportions. Great.
Sooo. Really good, funny book for any teenage girl with a slight cynical streak (like me). Even though it's not a suspense book or anything, it pulls you in to the point where you don't want to stop reading it. Meg Cabot definitely didn't disappoint. If I'm not mistaken, there are two books after this one, which I fully intend to read. You, on the other hand, should go pick up Airhead if it sounded interesting. Find it a SHS or Mt. Edgecumbe. Ciao!

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