Sunday, February 12, 2012

Voices of Dragons

Another good book! This one was pretty fast-paced, and went by quickly. It wasn't up to the Divergent standard, but it was good enough to  keep me hooked until I finished it. It's got a pretty flexible age range, too: from middle school to maybe upper high school. Overall, a pretty respectable book. Here's Voices of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn.
This takes place in a modern world where a boundary has been drawn across the northern US and Russia. All territory north of there belongs to dragons, the result of a truce after a war between dragons and humans. Everything has been peaceful for hundreds of years, but many people still live in fear of the reportedly barbaric dragons. Children are taught in school about the dragon-human war and how brutish and dim they are.
Kay, seventeen, has always been outdoorsy. She especially loves rock climbing and hiking. One day, she is illegally rock climbing near the border when she has an accident and her life is saved by a dragon. He, calling himself Artegal, defies all the statements made about dragons. Kay's even more shocked to learn that he can speak and is just as curious of humans as she is of dragons. They start meeting in secret and soon actually become friends. Trouble's coming soon between dragons and humans though. The tensions are starting to mount and the humans are getting more fearful and unstable.On the brink of another war, will Kay and Artegal be able to stop the feuding or will their presence just inflame things?
Yep. Kind of a 21st century fantasy novel. I think it could have been written a tiny bit better, but it was still really good. I definitely recommend it. Pick it up at SHS (um, after I've returned it tomorrow). Happy early Valentine's Day!

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