Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bad Kitty

First thing: don't be fooled by this book's superficial appearances. Well, it  is kinda superficial, but it's totally and completely worth reading. In fact, I will be disgusted if you don't read it. (I know, deadly threat). I picked it up as a random book to read and now have recommended it to all of my friends (the girls; if you couldn't tell, it's not exactly a guy book). First thing I have to say about this book: it's flipping hilarious. I think this may be the funniest book I've ever read. Believe me, that's saying something. Okay, I'll rave more after the review, so here's Bad Kitty by Michele Jaffe.
Meet Jasmine (preferably going by Jas): she's seventeen, is an aspiring forensic supersleuth, and has mocha skin and a height akin to King Kong. This summer, she's being dragged away from her friends to spend some compulsory "family time" in Las Vegasfamily meaning her father, who seems intent on stopping her dreams of investigating, her stepmother, who's knowledge base consists of all things feminine (and yet is impossible not to like), and her evil cousin Alyson and her evil-hench-person Veronique. On this vacation, she promises herself, she's going to be the model daughter. No embarrassments, no public spectacles, and definitely no investigating.
One thing you should know about Jas: she has a) and affinity for catsnot necessarily in a good wayand b) a certain ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. When these things combine, it spells trouble for everyoneespecially Jasmine and her "model daughter" goal. All attempts to stop investigating go out the window when she's introduced to a mystery involving a famous actress and her young son Fred. They seem to be hiding from the actress's ex-husband, who was convicted of murder a year ago but escaped and is on the run. Add into that a psychotic cat, a bodyguard with a certain love of mesh tees, and three best friends who may be crazier than the cat, and you get a mess of epic proportions. And where the heck does the cute snack stand guy fit into all of this?
So, I ended up devouring this book in the space of one afternoon. It brought new meaning to the phrase "laugh out loud." For about half the book, I was cracking up about every five minutes (maybe less). If it had been in public, people would have thought I was insane (not that I'm saying I'm not...). Anyway, I will most certainly hold it against you if you don't read it. This is one of those books that you really need to read. It's at Kettleson right now, so what are you waiting for???

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