Sunday, April 22, 2012

Storm Thief

Okay, as promised, you guys get a more adventure-type book this week. I really liked it; it was different than any book I've read before and you can tell that the author has a big imagination. I imagine this one would work for any high school age (maybe upper middle school, too). And anyone who likes fantasy, sci-fi, or adventure books should totally read this. Heck, read it even if you don't like that kind of stuff. I promise it'll get you hooked. 'Kay, I'll stop blabbing and just let you read the review: Storm Thief by Chris Wooding.
As far back as anyone can remember, the solitary island of Orokos has been rocked by probability storms. These aren't ordinary storms; where they hit, something changes. Streets are rearranged, things (and people) disappear and appear, children are turned to glass, and life becomes death. Nothing and no one is safe from the storms. These storms have turned the city into chaosthe dreadfully poor are forced into seething ghettoes, the richest only have a tenuous standing, and the storms have released things called revenants (made up of a substance deadly to humans, they can inhabit a body or choose to move as an invisible ghost). The entire city lives in fear of them. Over all of this, the Protectorate rules with an iron fist. Their original purpose was to fight the revenants, but that has expanded to being the unofficial dictators of the city. And, thanks to mysterious old technology, no one can leave the island.
Rail and Moa are thieves in this chaotic city. Both have had struggles in their past Rail has been dependent on a respirator ever since a probability storm took away his ability to breathe freely and Moa has had her parents taken away from her by the Protectorate. One day, they come across something that's more valuable and important than they've ever seen: a strange artifact. They soon realize that this item is wanted by the city's highest powers and many others as well, and are forced on the run. What they encounter veers on the side of strange, horrifying, wondrous, and scary. The reveal of the deepest, darkest secrets of Orokos is set in motion.
Hmm. I don't know if I really did the book justice with that review, 'cause the book is really phenomenal. There are a lot of intertwining plots, interesting side characters, and really cool imagery. It's definitely a page-turner. So, if you're breathing and if you're a teenager, you should really read this book (which is at Kettleson). If you're not breathing, well then I can't help you. I suggest seeing a doctor. Anyway, I'll say it one more time: READ THE BOOK. I can do mind control, you know. Don't make me resort to that.


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