Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

Kay, so this week you get a vampire book. It's fairly good as far as vampire books go, though it's pretty stereotypical. Very quick read, too; it took me all of two hours to finish it. And without further ado... The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer.
Vladimir Tod, or Vlad,  is sick of being an eighth grader. Bullies harass him constantly for being the pale, "goth" kid, he is constantly being overshadowed by his more popular best friend, and the girl he likes seems to prefer the aforementioned friend more. To top it all off, he has to deal with nocturnal tendencies, sunblock, and strange cravings. Yep, Vlad's a vampire. Or, half-vampire, anyway. His mother was human and his father was a vampire. As far as he knows, he's the only half-vampire in existence. He lives with his aunt after his parents were killed in a freak accident a few years ago. Right now, all he's doing is trying to live as normal a life as possible. That plan's interrupted when one of his teachers goes missing and is replaced by a strange substitute, Mr.Otis. When Mr.Otis starts questioning him a little too closely, Vlad is worried his secret might just get out. That's not even the worst of his worries, though; someone is hunting and killing in his town and he's sure it's the work of a vampire. To top it all off, it seems the vampire is hunting him.
Soo, a short review for a short book. It's primary age range is middle school to low high school, and could work for a girl or guy. It was fairly funny, too, so I'd suggest reading it. It's really small, so ya got nothing to lose. It's over at Kettleson or Mt. Edgecumbe.

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