Friday, November 11, 2011


That stands for Read Down Your Fines in the Dictionary of Little-Known Acronyms. Yeah, I made that up. Shocking. Anyway, if you, yes you, have any fines owed to the library, don't worry. It happens to the best of us. I'm assuming you like to read (why else would you have overdue books?), so you can come into the library any Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to read away your fines. Just bring a good book, tell the librarian what you're doing, and for every fifteen minutes you read, $1 will be taken off your fines. *In cheesy infomercial voice* Watch your debts literally disappear! Sideeffectsmayincludeheadachesnauseaupsetstomachdizzinessandfainting. Naw, you don't get those. You just can't do an infomercial without a blurred-together list of side effects, many nastier than the thing the product is curing in the first place. Okay, enough with my rant about infomercials. If you want to see the nifty, official flyer, scroll down and look on  the bar on the left. It pretty much says what I just said, but looks nicer. Okay, I have a very extensive workload (*cough*English*cough**cough*), but I'm trying to get your weekly review up by Sunday. Wish me luck!

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