Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tiger's Curse

Ooh, I love that feeling when you finish a really good book! Very satisfying. Okay, let me say that this is kind of a girl’s book, cause it has some romance-y tendencies. Still, there’s also a really good plot and setting, so any boys reading this should at least try it.  The name is Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck.

       Tiger’s Curse starts out in Oregon with eighteen-year-old Kelsey Hayes. She gets a job at a circus and makes friends with a white tiger they have, Ren. Soon a man named Mr. Kadam shows up, showing a great interest in Ren and Kelsey. When he manages to buy Ren from captivity, he offers Kelsey the chance travel with him to India and get Ren to a safe place. Little does she know what she’s about to get into (ominous music. Nah, don’t worry, it’s not like a horror movie or anything). Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, India. So when they get there, Mr. Kadam reveals that Ren is actually a prince that’s been put under a curse; he can only be a man for 24 minutes of every day, and only when he’s not in captivity. (I know it sounds like a cheesy fairy tale, but stick with me. I’m not the best at explaining things.) Kelsey and Ren unearth a poem/prophecy that outlines their task: to find four special items somewhere around India. So, they set out to find the first object, Kelsey learning a lot about Indian culture and maybe a little about love (see, that’s where the guy deterrent comes in). She learns that she is Durga’s (the main goddess of Hinduism) chosen one, and that sometimes doing what’s right isn’t the easy way. She also learns that you should really stay away from monkeys while in India, but that’s a different story. I’ve probably said too much already, so I’ll leave you with that.
       Okay, since I just finished it, the book isn’t at the library yet, but I’ll turn it in tomorrow. Pick it up at Kettleson, I promise you won’t regret it! (Also, don’t be daunted by the size, it’s really interesting and it goes fairly fast.) Ciao!

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